Langille & Colburne started the same way we do business.

By dreaming big, being resourceful, and knowing there are no problems - just questions we don’t know the answer to yet. It’s with this same unrelenting enthusiasm we assist our clients and communities to strive through executing unforgettable events, building world-class facilities, and creating stellar marketing and brand strategies. Simply put, we turn ideas into destinations where people want to be and will tell their friends about. We believe in evoking emotion, tying back to true roots, being memorable, and having fun.

Why is our name Langille & Colburne and not Colburne & Langille? We flipped a coin. Simple as that. We believe in fairness, and treating our clients and partners right - there's no other way.

The CCMA Awards Gift Lounge was the launch event for Langille & Colburne, and remains a favorite!

"The Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) held its annual Country Music Week and CCMA Awards Show in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in September of 2015 – the first time the organization had made its way to Halifax in over 30 years. Traditionally, a CCMA Awards Gift Lounge is orchestrated for performers, presenters and CCMA Award nominees taking part in the CCMA Awards Show, which aired in 2015 on CBC-TV and CMT (Canada).  The CCMA was pleased to elect Langille & Colburne as the official supplier of the 2015 CCMA Awards Gift Lounge. The staff of Langille & Colburne meticulously brought together a collection of brands representing a variety of lifestyle, entertainment and consumer products which tastefully showcased East Coast products and businesses. Not only did Langille & Colburne embody the hospitality for which Halifax and the East Coast is known, but they notably ensured each of their local brand representatives were well equipped with the information they needed to make their showcase a success, while simultaneously catering to the needs of each and every CCMA representative who made their way through the gift lounge. Their professionalism and personable manner made them an ideal partner for the CCMA."

Nikki Ryan, Canadian country music association