As our tagline states, we describe Langille & Colburne – More Than Events as a firm best known for Creating Destinations for business, communities and events.  That could not be more true than it is with our passion project - Out of Bounds. Travelers at heart, Amanda and I have had the great fortune of exploring all over the world – think China, the US, Europe, and of course, all over Canada! And… although we’ve both had some incredibly memorable experiences in some of the largest cities across the globe, most of our favorite tales have come from our rural escapades, which is where Out of Bounds stems from! Get outside city limits. Be rural. Go Out of Bounds! That’s what we’ve done, and always seeking the “do what the locals do” exploits first, we figured it was time that those living in or visiting our neighborhood (rural Nova Scotia) had the chance to do the same. Having both moved away for a few years after university, when it was time to settle down to raise our families, we both made the choice to move back home. I grew-up in a very small town called Portaupique, and Amanda hails from Londonderry – that’s as rural as it gets! That said, despite their size, our small towns have a lot to offer, as do many other rural communities throughout the Maritimes. The problem is, few are in the know! So, we’ve made it our mission to showcase just how cool (it’s a cheesy word, but it says it all) rural can be! We do our market research, and we try and test every itinerary we create, so when you’re ready to give it a go, you know you’re in for an epic journey! So, jump on over to the Out of Bounds website (www.oobounds.ca) and choose your next adventure - it will be one not soon to be forgotten!


Sport & Competition

Bidding on a major sporting event? Looking for event management? Wondering how to advance sport and recreation in your area?  We can certainly help.

Having begun work in the world of sport in 2001, Tanya has more than 15 years experience in the field, and has had the great fortune of working on some of the biggest sporting events in the World, within some of the globe’s largest venues.

Tanya thrives on sport driven events and endeavors and has fulfilled the title of Manager of Events, Director of Events & Communications, Director of Operations, and Assistant General Coordinator in the numerous different sport events she has been part of.  A few of her favorites include:

2002 Special Olympic Canada Summer Games

2004 IIHF World Women’s Championships

2007 FIFA Men’s U-20 World Cup Canada

2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup China

2008 Nutrilite Canadian Championships

2008 Beijing Olympic Games

2009 Nutrilite Canadian Championships

2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015

Sport and competition are one of the pillars of Langille & Colburne’s firm, and we look forward to helping you achieve excellence in sport, no matter what the focus.

Community Projects & Events

Are you a community group or an individual very involved in your community?  Do you have a great idea that would better the place you live, but not sure how to get it started and off the ground?  Is there a community event you would love to host but finding the time and resources has been a challenge?  We can help!

Having spearheaded several community based initiatives, fundraisers and events - both Amanda and Tanya revel in making things happen at the community level.  Working with volunteers, being resourceful, securing funding, engaging stakeholders, while being creative and unique is what we're best at.  

We are not going to lie.  We were definitely a little scared at first to take on the 2016 edition of the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition for a few different reasons.  

For one, it is a huge event.  One that spans over 6 days with many moving pieces all. of. the. time.  In fact, there are 45 shows, entertainment events, and special happenings over the course of Exhibition week, and each of those require special attention, coordination, and logistical know-how.  On top of that, we only had 5 months to plan it.  Our saving grace was an amazing and dedicated volunteer planning committee that worked along-side us to make the 70th Anniversary of the NSPE one to truly celebrate.

Another reason we were hesitant to take the contract in the beginning is one those from the local area will understand when we say there have been some ''issues'' regarding the management of the Exhibition grounds in the past, and in terms of the Exhibition event - many locals felt the event had severely declined over the last number of years.  So, we felt it was risky to tie our name to it.  But, we also believed in the importance of this agricultural fair, which is actually the longest standing event in Colchester County.  We also believed in the potential of the Exhibition Grounds and felt by making a successful Exhibition happen, one that folks could feel proud of, that would be a step toward a better future for the Exhibition grounds (more recently known at the NSPEC Complex) as a whole.   

We started with a rebrand, and worked closely with one of our favourite graphic guys, Ben Brush, to pull together a new look and new feel to help frame a new promise of what folks could come to expect from the 2016 NSPE.

Then, we set our sights on sponsorship.  With a newly designed sponsorship benefits package we were very happy to secure Masstown Market as presenting sponsor and it truly was a perfect fit with both the event and the Market having roots in agriculture and supporting local.  In the end the Exhibition saw over $100,000 in sponsorship in cash and in-kind contributions (many of which assisted with venue and site improvements including new paint on the Industrial Building, site-grading, site clean-up, signage and more).  To us, that is a testament of the tremendous amount of community support that exists for the NSPE, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Next was community engagement.  Due to the above mentioned ‘’issues,” there was hesitancy and skepticism not just from us, but from many community residents and stakeholders.  We took the time to meet with as many committee heads, stakeholders, and anyone interested in sharing their two cents worth as we could.  That was probably the most important piece of the puzzle.  Knowing what those who have been through it before thought worked, should be changed, should be added, and what should be forgotten was integral to planning and the final outcomes and successes.

In the end we were happy to report a 50% increase in attendance over the previous year, and a 28% increase in revenues after all expenses paid, but we feel the greatest success came in the form of the pride felt by those involved, and the comments from attendees stating that the event “just felt different,” and “was clean and well organized.”  We are also happy to report the invitation to return has been accepted and we look forward to building on all the success of 2016 and feedback received to make the 2017 NSPE all it should be.  We are very much looking forward to seeing you there!


Londonderry Play Forest


It's hard to choose a favourite community project, but the Londonderry Playforest definitely comes close to the top of the list.  A one-of-a-kind natural playground built within a pocket of forest at Londonderry, Nova Scotia is the first of it's kind in Canada.  Amanda had the great pleasure of co-creating this special place and seeing the project through from an idea on paper to full fruition.  Numerous stakeholders, funding partners, and amazing community volunteers were instrumental in bringing this development to life.   

Below are photos taken soon after construction was complete. Today, the Playforest is lush and green, and a wonderful place to be.  If you would like to take a visit, you can find it at 4058 Mines Bass River Road in Londonderry, NS.

Facility & Venue Operations

Thinking about building a new, or expanding an existing facility? In need of assistance with planning, design, project management, opening and/or operation? Building and expanding is no small feat, and you have to get it right.  We can ensure you do just that! 


Having worked within recreation and sport facilities throughout the globe, Tanya has had the great fortune of aiding a number of groups and organizations in the process of planning, designing, building, renovating, expanding, opening and/or operating their facilities, the most recent of which was the Cougar Dome; a tennis and multi-sport facility located in Truro, NS:

“Launching a new multi-sport facility in a community such as Truro, NS., can be a daunting yet exciting challenge under the best of circumstances.  With the talents, knowledge, energy and dedication to excellence that Tanya  Colburne represents day in and day out, the success the Cougar Dome has had is not surprising.  Since opening our doors in January 2013, the efforts and leadership of Tanya Colburne has allowed the Cougar Dome to not only grow in membership and user groups, but has made a financial profit every month since we opened….a feat rarely heard of during these economic times, and again is a testament to her skills and commitment to success in whatever she does.  I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.  Seeing first hand what she has done at the  helm of the Cougar Dome, I have no doubts the groups and organizations that choose her in the future will be the Biggest WINNERS!''

- Scott Annand                                                                              President, CSAE/The Cougar Dome

Branding, Marketing & Advertising

Branding? Marketing? Re-brand? What’s the point? Why the need? Because your brand is everything.  It's how your customers recognize you, and it's also your promise on what you will deliver to them and how.  It's YOU (your business, group, etc) in a nutshell, and it's the single most important thing you will want to develop to take your business or project to the next level.  


The single largest real estate operation in Colchester County, Ron Wallace Realty Ltd., sold to new owners in 2013.  Under new leadership, the owners wanted to ensure their operation was reflective of who they were, and the values they instilled in their business practice. As such, they hired Tanya and her team to lead their re-branding efforts, which included not only the creation of the brand, and the associated marketing plan, but the delivery of promises made relative to the tenant/customer experience within Wallace Living:

“Branding is no easy task. You need to ‘get it right’ the first time and have the corresponding communications and creative plan to back it up so that everyone takes notice. Working with Tanya and her team made this huge feat seem easy. Personable, energetic, creative … you couldn’t ask for a more well-rounded team. Their attention to detail and timely communications leading up to and including the execution of the company’s branding initiative couldn’t have been orchestrated any better.” 

 - Andrea Johnstone                                                                        General Manager, Wallace Living

Special Events

Special events including concerts, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. are the most fun to put together.  It's where we get creative and innovative to throw a bash like no other.  We LOVE a good party!

CCMA Awards Gift Lounge


In September 2015, it was our pleasure to be the official suppliers of the CCMA Awards Gift Lounge.  We were proud to focus on all Nova Scotia companies and their made with pride products.  

It was so fun to treat the performers, nominees, VIP delegates, and the country music industry to an East Coast Kitchen Party, the theme of the Gift Lounge!  The finest in hospitality and handmade products, all made with pride right here in Nova Scotia, were showcased.  Nova Scotians are proud of their people and their products.  We know this.  Not only does the best in cooking, baking, and hospitality come from our kitchens, but while all this gathering is taking place - great ideas are born there too.

Langille & Colburne pictured with the Boom Chucka Boys and Tristan Horncastle at the CCMA Awards Gift Lounge in September 2015 at Halifax.


"We had an absolute blast at the CCMA Gift Lounge this year! All of the products and artisans were local to the province. Hearing the stories about where they come from and how they got started was so cool. A bunch of people chasing dreams, just like us. Thanks to Langille & Colburne for the very warm and welcoming atmosphere."

- The Boom Chucka Boys

Johnny Reid giving a shout out to Fundy Treasures for the amazing Nova Scotia made guitar pick he used in his CCMA stage performance.  Very cool!

Jimmy Rankin loving his custom made Rankin Family lyrics.  Made by Jill + Jack Paper.


The sponsors present in the Gift Lounge, while established and successful now, were once start-up businesses rooted from a brave idea most likely thought of in a Nova Scotia kitchen over a hot cup of tea or an inspired debate with friends and a cold pint of beer. We scoured the province and selected the following companies due to the amazing quality and workmanship shown in their product and presentation. Check them out and follow them on social media! #shoplocal #madeinnovascotia #novascotiaproud #CCMA.

Gift Lounge


- Amos Pewter


- The Bay Hammock Company of Nova Scotia


- Beck & Boosh


- Cape Breton Fudge Co.


- East Coast Lifestyle


- Fundy Treasures


- Grohmann Knives Ltd.


- Hutchinson Acres Pure Infused Maple Syrup


- John Deere


Turbine by Lisa Drader-Murphy


- My Home Apparel


- North Mountain Fine Coffees


- Ocean Zn Seaglass Studio


- Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company


- Rub that RUBS


- Sarah Duggan Creative Works


- Seafoam Lavender


- Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop


- The Tea Brewery


Décor for the kitchen party theme was provided by the amazing Jaime Black and Susan Stott of By + Large Studios.www.byandlargestudios.ca

The above Nova Scotia companies showcased their company and product, chatted with the music artists, took photos, and mingled with Canadian Country Music's elite. It was so much fun donning our cowboy hats to boot scoot and boogie-up the most epic time in the ''kitchen'' with this amazing crew!

Corporate & Charity Events

Do you have a product, location, or service you would like to showcase?  DEFINITELY consider hosting an event to get the word out.  Giving your customers an experience they will share and talk about is priceless!


Amanda had an opportunity to provide event management services to Masstown Market, and specifically the Captain Cob's Corn Maze location.  After consultation, a family event and fundraiser was to be planned.  This event was very fun to put together and even more fun to execute.  Kids, big and small, enjoyed the Old Time Country Fair themed carnival, which stayed true to Masstown Market's ''close to home, far from ordinary'' mantra.  Here is what Ron Smith, Business Development Manager had to say about it:

“Having worked alongside Amanda in Community Economic Development at the Colchester Regional Development Agency, I was certainly not surprised by her level of commitment and professionalism when I requested Langille & Colburne to conceptualize, package and execute our first ever Old Time Country Fair.  I was pleased beyond expectations.  They were hands on from day one, handling the largest and smallest details, and although I had the luxury of sitting back and watching things come together, I never felt excluded, as all timely scheduled updates and discussionswere met with the same degree of care and insight.  I was very impressed to see the ease at which they integrated themselves with our established staff, and kept in tune with our business and community visions, to pull off our largest special event to date.  I look forward to our next partnership.’’

 -Ron Smith                                                                                           Manager, Business Development                                                           Old Fletcher Farm Property Limited                                                         A division of Masstown Market Limited