Corporate & Charity Events

Do you have a product, location, or service you would like to showcase?  DEFINITELY consider hosting an event to get the word out.  Giving your customers an experience they will share and talk about is priceless!


Amanda had an opportunity to provide event management services to Masstown Market, and specifically the Captain Cob's Corn Maze location.  After consultation, a family event and fundraiser was to be planned.  This event was very fun to put together and even more fun to execute.  Kids, big and small, enjoyed the Old Time Country Fair themed carnival, which stayed true to Masstown Market's ''close to home, far from ordinary'' mantra.  Here is what Ron Smith, Business Development Manager had to say about it:

“Having worked alongside Amanda in Community Economic Development at the Colchester Regional Development Agency, I was certainly not surprised by her level of commitment and professionalism when I requested Langille & Colburne to conceptualize, package and execute our first ever Old Time Country Fair.  I was pleased beyond expectations.  They were hands on from day one, handling the largest and smallest details, and although I had the luxury of sitting back and watching things come together, I never felt excluded, as all timely scheduled updates and discussionswere met with the same degree of care and insight.  I was very impressed to see the ease at which they integrated themselves with our established staff, and kept in tune with our business and community visions, to pull off our largest special event to date.  I look forward to our next partnership.’’

 -Ron Smith                                                                                           Manager, Business Development                                                           Old Fletcher Farm Property Limited                                                         A division of Masstown Market Limited