About the Event: The Down Syndrome International Swimming Organization (DSISO) was created when it was realised that swimmers with Down Syndrome were being outclassed in competition by other people with learning disabilities who did not have the same physical disabilities that are often associated with Down Syndrome. DSISO provides the opportunity to swim at a World Class level through its World Championships held every two years and also keeps World Record information for swimmers with Down Syndrome.  

In July of 2018, Truro will play host to the 9th annual Down Syndrome World Swimming Championship. 

L&C's Role: Tanya is Co-Chair of the host committee. 




About the Event: Following two successful runs in Yarmouth in 2012 and 2013, the international showcase of Junior A hockey talent returned to the East Coast for a third time as Truro hosted the World Junior A Challenge in December 2017 at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, home of the Truro Bearcats.

To kick-off the event, the RECC hosted a banquet, where community members, Team Canada East & West and gracious sponsors all gathered together to celebrate our national sport. 

L&C's Role: We transformed the foyer and hallway of the RECC to resemble the feel of an outdoor skating rink at Christmas time. We had Christmas Trees, buckets of snowballs, carolers, hockey sticks and fake snow. On top of the set up and tear down of the decor, we were also in charge of coordinating the meal selection, arranging for silent auction items, securing entertainment and being present on-site to ensure smooth execution of the event.